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Scaffolding ANd Farmwork


Discover the unparalleled efficiency of CUPLOCK, the world’s leading scaffolding system renowned for its unmatched speed, safety, and affordability. Our innovative locking mechanism ensures rapid assembly, with four horizontals securely fastened at once for ultimate stability. Crafted from premium steel, CUPLOCK combines exceptional strength with lightweight portability, making it ideal for diverse applications including formwork, support, access, circular scaffolding, mobile towers, and more.

Cuplock System

Engineered for versatility, SSE CUPLOCK System is trusted across industries such as shipbuilding, power plants, refinery maintenance, and monument conservation. Its rapid erection capabilities not only save valuable time but also reduce labor costs, as it can be easily assembled by unskilled workers. With minimal maintenance requirements and a range of components including :

  1. Cuplock Standards
  2. Ledgers
  3. Adjustable Base Jacks
  4. Stirrup Heads

SSE CUPLOCK System offers unmatched reliability and cost-efficiency for your projects.

Cuplock Standard / Vertical available in HEAVY, MEDIUM & LIGHT Duty pipe

Introducing our versatile CUPLOCK verticals crafted from durable 40 mm NB tubes, ideal for a wide range of propping and access needs at a cost-effective price point. These verticals serve both support and access purposes with ease, featuring a connection point strategically positioned at 500/1000 mm vertical intervals for optimal adaptability. Welded lower cups ensure stability, while upper cups, easily adjustable and secured by fixed stops, enhance convenience. Engineered with drilled holes for spigot joint installation, these verticals offer flexibility and strength. Additionally, for added security, a bolt option is available to counter upward forces if necessary. Explore our CUPLOCK verticals today for reliable support and access solutions tailored to your requirements.

  1. Size: 3.00 Mtr (6 Cups)
  2. Size: 2.50 Mtr (5 Cups)
  3. Size: 2.00 Mtr (4 Cups)
  4. Size: 1.50 Mtr (3 Cups)
  5. Size: 1.00 Mtr (2 Cups)
  6. Size: 0.75 Mtr (1 Cups)
  7. Size: 0.60 Mtr (1 Cups)
  8. Size: 0.50 Mtr (1 Cups)
  9. Customized sizes as per requirement & project drawing.

Finish: Painted, Galvanised

Vertical Cuplock

Cuplock Horizonatal / Ledger available in HEAVY, MEDIUM & LIGHT Duty pipe

Introducing our CUPLOCK Horizontals, crafted from durable 40mm NB tubes. Choose from our array of standard sizes or opt for custom lengths to suit your specific needs. Each horizontal features a forged blade fixed end, perfectly fitting into the cup of the Vertical. With their straightforward yet sturdy design, our Horizontals require zero maintenance, ensuring hassle-free usage. Discover the perfect solution for your scaffolding needs with our versatile CUPLOCK Horizontals.

  1. Size: 2.50 mtr
  2. Size: 2.00 mtr
  3. Size: 1.80 mtr
  4. Size: 1.50 mtr
  5. Size: 1.25 mtr
  6. Size: 1.20 mtr
  7. Size: 1.00 mtr
  8. Size: 0.90 mtr
  9. Size: 0.75 mtr
  10. Size: 0.60 mtr
  11. Size: 0.50 mtr
  12. Customized as per requirement & project drawing

Finish: Painted, Galvanised

Horizontal Cuplock

Cuplock Intermediate Transom

  1. Size: 2.50 Mtr.
  2. Size: 2.00 Mtr.
  3. Size: 1.80 Mtr.
  4. Size: 1.50 Mtr.
  5. Size: 1.25 Mtr.
  6. Size: 1.20 Mtr.
  7. Size: 1.00 Mtr.
  8. Size: 0.90 Mtr.
  9. Size: 0.60 Mtr.
  10. Customized

Finish: Painted, Galvanised

Cuplock Intermediate Transom

Cuplock Cantilever Frames

  1. Size: 1.50Mtr
  2. Size: 1.25Mtr
  3. Size: 1.00Mtr

Finish: Painted, Galvanised

Cuplock Hop-up Brackets

Enhance your scaffolding setup with our versatile Hop-Up Brackets! Available in 1-board, 2-board, and 3-board configurations, these brackets feature the Omega section for precise board placement and seamlessly attach to the cup joint. Each unit is equipped with a CUPLOK joint to accommodate Horizontals. Choose from a range of sizes including Customized options. Finished with either Painted or Galvanized coatings for durability.

Cuplock Hop-up Brackets

Intermediate Transom

Introducing our versatile scaffold board supports, designed to provide essential intermediate support for scaffold boards. Available in various sizes including 2.5M, 2.0M, 1.8M, and more, these supports are equipped with an integral locking mechanism to ensure stability during use. Choose from a range of finishes including painted and galvanized options. Custom sizes also available upon request. Explore our scaffold board supports for reliable construction solutions.

  1. Size: 2.5M
  2. Size: 2.0M
  3. Size: 1.8M
  4. Size: 1.5M
  5. Size: 1.25M
  6. Size: 1.0M
  7. Size: 0.9M
  8. Size: 0.6M
  9. Customized

Finish: Painted, Galvanised

Ladder (Steel Access Ladder & Aluminium Ladders of all sizes and customized)