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SSE Adjustable Column System

Introducing our Adjustable Column Shuttering System, comprising steel wallform panels sized at 1250×600 mm and assembled using corner angle brackets for maximum side dimensions of 475 mm. These panels are stacked vertically to concrete columns up to 2.5 m in height per pour.

Our Column Framework System features high-strength steel frame panels and versatile accessories, ensuring ease of application and significantly reduced labor requirements. Enjoy the following benefits:

  • Adaptability to Various Column Sizes.
  • Speedy erection and dismantling processes.
  • Reduction in emission time and labor costs.
  • Assurance of squareness and rigidity.

Experience efficient and precise column construction with our innovative Adjustable Column Shuttering System.

SSE Adjustable Column Shuttering

Technical Specifications

  • Introducing SSE Adjustable Column Forms, a reusable formwork system crafted from high-strength materials to mold reinforced concrete square and rectangular columns.
  • Panels are seamlessly joined using standard accessories, offering versatility for both heavy-duty and light-duty structures.
  • Designed for quick installation and dismantling, SSE Adjustable Column Forms boast precise engineering for efficient construction processes.
  • Experience the convenience and durability of our column formwork system for your next project