SSE Alu Formwork System

Introducing the Aluminium Panel Slab Formwork, a lightweight and easy-to-handle solution for your construction needs. Our Alu Formwork System is designed to maximize productivity while minimizing material usage, resulting in excellent concrete surfaces and significant cost savings for our customers. This highly efficient system streamlines slab formwork, reducing construction time and labor requirements. Experience the benefits of our Alu Formwork System today and elevate your construction projects to new heights.


  • Experience the ease and speed of erection with our Aluminium frame panels, allowing for high productivity rates even with just two operatives. Our Alu Formwork System boasts minimal components, ensuring quick assembly and disassembly, thus maximizing construction cycle times.
  • With our Quick Strip option, formwork can be easily removed for reuse while backpropping remains to support the slab. The unique Crown feature locates the corners of up to 4 panels simultaneously, ensuring safe slab edge support and access.
  • Choose between our high-quality ply face or composite face panels, both of which offer durability, superior finish, and easy cleaning. Supported by crowns and props, the entire system is dismantled once the concrete has gained sufficient strength.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to adjust to dimensional requirements and achieve complete closure of complicated surfaces with extension connectors. Our system is suitable for use with Props or any other staging system, providing versatility and adaptability for your construction needs.